Sunday, 7 April 2013

TC | Caloriegate: Why Your Low Calorie Diet Is Making You Fat And Sick And Destroying America

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You counted your calories, carefully, just like they taught you.

Your reward? Hunger, misery, failure.

Why? Why have you struggled so mightily for so long? Turns out, you’ve been given bad advice. The mantra of ‘eat less move more’ to lose excess fat is not only wrong… it’s the very reason why you’re struggling!

I am a Yale University educated blogger and author who’s been researching and writing on the fundamental nature of obesity for four years. I count among my friends some of the most renown experts on this subject on the planet.

In Caloriegate — a free 23 page report (with lots of funny cartoons) — I will explain exactly why low calorie diets are bogus and introduce you to an amazing, totally novel concept: The Black Box. This revelation, I assert, is THE KEY to solving the obesity epidemic and helping the vast majority of failed calorie counters succeed beyond all imagination.

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