Tuesday, 30 April 2013

TC | Mosquitto killer lamp

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This is classic Electronic Insect Killer, tried and trusted by homes, shops, factories, farms, stables anywhere flying pest control is required!
Uses effective ultra-violet light to lure in insects and electricity to kill them.
Fast, effective flying pest control
50hz 3W lamp
220V grid voltage
Suitable for home or industrial use
Hygienic and Odourless
No Toxic Materials
No Monthly refilling
compliance with international environmental requirements. And light weight of the product itself, not to increase fuel consumption. Collapsible design, saving space. The most important thing is the product extends powerful, can do outdoor camping utensils or for the car wash water. It can also be incorporated as a car barrels and can be used as fishing equipment, etc
To Africa: $5.00-To Asia: $5.00
To Europe: $8.00-To India: $4.00-To North America: $8.00
To Pakistan: $0.00-To South America: $8.00
Shipping not available to other countries. TIP: Use Advanced Search to locate products shippable to your country.

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