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TC | New Wordpress Plugin Automatically Switches Your Regular Theme During SPENDING SEASONS & Events

New Wordpress Plugin Automatically Switches Your Regular Theme During SPENDING SEASONS & Events

$9.95 - €7.76 - £6.57
You Save: 91%

You already know what a powerful content management system Wordpress is. But one of the problems I have always had is everytime there's a holiday or Seasonal event I always want to mark the occasion by making my blog a bit more Special.

Especially for times like:

The Christmas Holidays



April fools Day

Even major sporting events like the Super Bowl

All the Big Companies are doing it. Many times when a seasonal event came round I saw Companies large and small running special offers and changing the look of their whole site Just for the occasion.

The Reason Is Holidays are big earners for companies, EVERYONE SPENDS MORE MONEY and there is no reason why you should keep losing out.

Every time a new celebration came round, I always thought “I really wish I had done something like that” and I would say to myself, next time I will but the cycle just keep repeating its self.

The Fact is Many marketers miss out on these Time Sensitive opportunities. Many were in the same boat I was. They wanted to fix this but don't have the time to wait for the next event. In order to JUMP ON IT and MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THESE SPENDING SEASONS

The Fact Is If you have Experienced this problem YOU NEED AN AUTOMATED SOLUTION

I knew there was a solution to all this, something Quick, something easy and something that would compleltey unburden me of the task without having to outsource the problem.

In the past you would have to make a note to yourself of all the upcoming events that you would want to take advantage of.

Then a few days before hand (If you remember that is and nothing pops up and gets in the way) pick out a nice theme to use then activate it at the right time.

If your like me you either do most or all of the tasks related to your website your self. You can see how most online markets just let this slip.

But Not Anymore Thanks to YPN

YPN Allows you to use ALL the themes in you available themes section of your Wordpress admin.

All you have to do is select the a start and end date for when you want a certain theme to appear and click save. That it !!

When the time comes your blog automatically switch the theme without you even having to think about it.

Its doesn't Stop there you can use functions already built into Wordpress to launch special offers relevant to the occasion or event.

Remember all of this is completely automatic so you can set and forget

While your out enjoying the celebrations your blog and YPN are hard at work.
This Works With ANY THEME and You Can Set it to
Switch Your Theme Whenever You Want.

It’s so simple – and yet so incredibly easy to use – you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Imagine being able to Do all the work at the beginning of the year and never having to touch your blog again. For another 12 months all the while People will think your still working hard behind the scenes.

Here’s how to get started:
Step 1: Copy the Plugin to Your Wordpress Plugins Directory OR Install it from the Dashboard

There are two ways to install a plugin in Wordpress. First, you can sign in to your FTP (given to you by your web host) and upload the entire plugin folder to your public_html or www folder. The folder you’ll want to place it in is in public_html / wp-content / plugins.

Sound too technical? No problem. There’s an even easier way to install it. Just sign in to your Wordpress dashboard using the username and password you created when you installed Wordpress. Then navigate to Plugins from the left menu, and you’ll be on the page that lists all plugins you currently have installed and/or activated on your blog.

From there, just click the Upload option from the top menu and upload the entire .zip file. You may have to enter your web hosting username and password – but that’s it! Wordpress will automatically install the plugin. All you have to do is click to activate it – and you’re done!
Step 2: Pick the Start and End Dates for your theme.

You simply select the start and finish times for when you want the theme to display and your all done.
Step 3: Relax!

You’re done! Now just sit back and watch as the plugin goes to work, dynamically adding your chosen code above the fold on every page you’ve selected.
Download it Right Now with Instant Access, and Complete Step-by-Step Instructions!


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