Tuesday, 11 June 2013


It's easy when your customers can get brand-name 

products like

 these for up to 99% off retail!

So Pricebenders auctions can add to my commissions?
Absolutely! You're simply selling TCredits used for bidding, rather than a typical product or service. Each time someone buys a pack of TCredits for bidding, you'll be earning commissions! Pricebenders have been boosting the paychecks of our affiliates since day one.
Our affiliates have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars ,(and growing) in commissions from Pricebenders...and we're just getting started, as Pricebenders are growing rapidly! There exists a huge untapped market of people who would love to take part in Pricebenders auctions, but haven't found it yet. By connecting these people with Pricebenders, you'll be helping them to get amazing deals on brand-name products and boosting your commissions every time they purchase TCredits to bid!
How do I promote Pricebenders?
Simply advertise Pricebenders the same way you would promote a product. Your focus, however, is on selling TCredits that will be used to place bids. In its simplest form, that just means telling people about Pricebenders and the jaw-dropping deals taking place daily. One way to do this is to just refer people to our "Winners List" Gateway:
Another easy method is to add one of these dynamic banners to your personal Website or blog to help you create lucrative new Pricebenders customers around the clock.
You should also consider regular posts on Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog, and any other social networking sites you use. We've made this simple and easy at the Website, where we regularly add fresh, new promotional posts you can use. Each one is 100% "post-ready." Just copy and paste the text provided. IMPORTANT! SFI has a zero tolerance policy on spamming. Under no circumstances should the posts be used for spamming !


1. Sign up here 

2.Get your affiliate id. number and confirm your registration. ===>Go to Pricebenders Marketing page

3.After reading , You're Ready .

 Start Promoting !


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