Wednesday, 11 September 2013

TC | Your Personally Branded SFI Recruiting Squeeze Page and Email Letter Package

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AT LAST! A 100% "DONE-FOR-YOU" SFI Affiliate Recruiting Package! Ideal for Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Classified Ad Campaigns etc...

Now You Can Build Your SFI Team on Autopilot!


Here's what you get:

1. A personally branded "Work At Home On The Internet" squeeze page, with YOUR NAME, and YOUR PHOTO so that you will be PROMOTING YOURSELF every time someone sees the page.

This is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE over time than promoting a standard affiliate page that EVERYBODY ELSE is promoting. Every Internet marketing expert will tell you that you need to use your own SQUEEZE PAGES to BRAND YOUR BUSINESS, not everybody else's.

2. A 50 page "Insiders' Guide To Working At Home On The Internet" eBook with YOUR SFI AFFILIATE LINK inserted.

This is a FREEBIE that you will be offering on the SPLASH PAGE to encourage prospects to OPT IN to your mailing list. When they open the ebook, they will find a MEATY guide to starting a Work From Home business, with YOUR SFI link in title page and the conclusion of the book.

3. A FREE Auto-responder Preloaded with 15 Internet marketing emails with YOUR SFI AFFILIATE LINK in the P. S. of every single message.

When prospects OPT IN to your MAILING LIST your auto-responder will automatically start sending them messages about starting a Work At Home business, quietly promoting YOUR SFI AFFILIATE LINK. The 15 messages are sent out over a two-month period.

4. New subscribers will be redirected to your SFI invitation page after joining your list.

5. After confirming their subscription, your subscribers will be shown the SFI Squeeze Page sales page on Tripleclicks so that you can earn CV and VP and recruit them into SFI via Tripleclicks. :)


You DO NOT NEED a website. Everything is hosted for you. Everything is automated for you. Everything is Done For You.


1. Send me:

* Your name or pen name/SFI business name (for the squeeze page).
* Your address (required by law on every email newsletter that you send out).
* Your email address (to handle messages from your newsletter subscribers).
* Your SFI affiliate sponsoring link.
* A photo of you (for the squeeze page).

(If you prefer, you do not have to have your photo on the squeeze page, BUT I recommend that you use a photo of yourself as it attracts a better response and helps to BRAND your business.)

2. Put your feet up and wait for me to send you the link to your new campaign.

3. Promote your new SFI campaign link everywhere! (Especially on TEs and safe lists.)

NOTE: This is an automated campaign, so all you will need to do is promote ONE URL. You will also receive the e-book, email letters, splash page and thank you page. The e-book cannot be modified, but you may make your own changes to the other elements of the package, IF you really, really want to!

EXTRA FREEBIES: you will also get a free auto-responder and a free ad creation service which you will be able to use for your other online business activities as well, IF you wish. :)

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