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Fancy a Surprising Alternative and Enjoyable Dinner? Organize a Potluck!

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Alternative party: Potluck

There is nothing as nice as a dinner with friends. Do you want to make these meals even more enjoyable, budget friendly and surprising? Take a different tack and organize a potluck! So you can spend an entire evening cozy dinner with all your friends, without staying yourself half the time in the kitchen.
It is Hugo Tresinie who reveals this amazing recipe for a fantastic evening potluck!

A potluck dinner where each guest brings himself a (mostly self-made) dish . All these dishes are placed together on one buffet and shared with everyone. Let the party begin.

I think the formula very sympathetic. It's cheap, everyone is actively involved in the party, and the buffet itself immediately also provides a lot of conversation. What is this? How do you make it? What's in it?Moreover, it is often a real culinary discovery with many original and unfamiliar flavors and exotic ingredients with which some participants want to excel, showcase their skills, or want to bring a story or message.

Personally I like it most of the simplest, original archetype.Everyone just brings their own stuff. Never really disappointing, quite the contrary. You may assume that there is always too much put on the table, and that many will take some of their own or other dishes back home .What is not exactly a problem since everyone had to bring already jars, boxes and bowls .

However, there are also slightly more tasks to organize and that need to be distributed. Then clusters are identified, or ask volunteers to provide part: liquor, non-alcoholic, bread, cheese, vegetables, napkins, crockery ... any desired division to get a good spread. This can easily be arranged via mail (or a website/blog) .

Another coordinating possibility exists to arrange a theme (eg. Oriental, or first known cookbook, barbecue, Christmas, veggie, ...), or by proposing a division into starters, main courses and desserts intermediate . Also, you can indicate in advance the best material available, and how much. Or ask everyone to either take implies, soup bowls if you provide soup, etc.
You can also ask that everyone brings himself a plate, knife and fork .It is usually very cozy to make arrangements to clean up the dishes as well.

Hot dishes , create a table for the use of the fire andthe oven.  Not everyone can simultaneously be in a warm oven or heat her dish.But all foods do not necessarily need to come to the table at the same time. So depending on how you want to organize the alternative party, you must make clear agreements in advance. Although usually smoothly workable solutions are improvised on the spot. A dishwashing team, newspapers under the hot dishes, a slice of bread and serving spoon, cold pizza ... it's all part of the charm of this kind of casual party.

The term potluck would come from a traditionally use to make sure not to waste food. Leftovers were in medieval "afspanningen" (resting places, stations horse turnouts, brasseries) kept in a pot on the fire and kept warm.   They were designed to operate and serve quickly in the short term unexpected guests.   You got so "the luck of the pot" it coincidence, or maybe luck of the pot. This use is also recognizable in the French name "pot au feu" (pot on fire).
Other terms used are repas-partagé (shared meal), auberge espagnol (Spanish inn), buffet supper or canadien (Canadian buffet or dinner).

The word itself is to find the first time as a pot-luck in the 16th century work of Thomas Nashe as provide food for an unexpected or uninvited guest ( the luck of the pot). In the sense of group meal, each brings something to share, it dates from the late 19th to the beginning of 20 th century.

As a guest you can;depending on the audience to expect; maybe best to avoid three Rs: strange, fiery and dirty. More concretely, the odors of (excessive)garlic, highly seasoned and super spicy dishes, and strange-looking products.
However nice it is to put a sign with an explanation of your dish, to supplement the information from the nose and eyes for those who wants to venture on your preparation. That is certainly helpful for people with allergies (lactose or gluten intolerant, vegetarians, etc.)

Are you a lousy cook, then you can still score with beer, wine, or a takeaway pizza.
Definitely a pleasant and surprising low-budget activity groups, neighborhoods and clubs.
Let me know when I can come. With my skill failed omelet.

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